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Military soldier portraits by Artpainter Lukas Wirp


On this page we would like to present some portrait paintings by Lukas Wirp. The artist has been painting portraits with great success for 26 years. The portrait pictures are painted based on your photo templates.

Everything is possible.


If you would like a portrait of yourself, a relative or a well-known personality, please contact Lukas Wirp or Marketing Director Bob Reiter directly. You can find the data in the Contact section of this website.




Here are some portrait examples from Lukas Wirp
If you want, you can order your own portrait painting from him :




General of the East German Army

of the former German Democratic Republic of the GDR



German sergeant, World War 2, Italy front


General of the Waffen SS Otto Kumm with knight cross

Mountain troops division Prinz Eugen


Tank commander of the east german army of the GDR

in his russian T-55 tank





Detail with the portrait of the tank commander

in his T55 turret


Full body portrait of a west german soldier of the Bundeswehr

when building a shelter / bunker


Navy Admiral of the east german army GDR



German MG gunner of the Bundeswehr army

Painted for a costumer base on his Photos of 1978



German tank commander WW2

Division Großdeutschland




Classic portrait

of a German Bundeswehr soldier




If you would like to have your own portrait of yourself

or someone else, just contact us :


German Artpainter Lukas Wirp


! You can write in English, no problem !




Bob Reiter

Marketing Director Studio Lukas Wirp
15700 Eleanore Drive

Cleveland,OH 44135



By Phone

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